Save up to 5’000€ | $ 5,000 USD

Trade in your old surveying equipment for a new
eBee X Premium Bundle


Work faster and safer with the C2 certified eBee X.

How does the trade-in work ?

Fill the form to get in touch with our sales team. We will answer your questions, evaluate the value of your equipment and give you up to 5'000€ / $ 5,000 USD of trade-in value toward the price of an eBee X Premium Bundle.

✔  You can trade any total station, laser scanner, GNSS High Precision Receiver Base/Rover, or handheld GNSS data collector. 

✔  Broken equipment is accepted.

✔ If you are unsure your equipment is eligible, submit the form and we will provide you with a prompt response.


✔ Offer ends December 31, 2022.
✔ The eBee X Premium Bundle includes: one eBee X drone with RTK/PPK activation, one of the following sensor: S.O.D.A. 3D, Aeria X or Duet M and one eBee Backpack.

Some restrictions apply. Please contact us for details.

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Benefit from the regulatory advantages of the lightweight eBee X


C2 certified

Operators free to fly 30 meters from uninvolved people.

BVLOS & OOP simplified

Benefit from simplified SORA approval process thanks to M2 Ground Risk Mitigation.






USA OOP approved

The eBee X is the first and only drone approved to fly Operations Over People and Moving Vehicles in the United States without needing a waiver.

Canada OOP approved

The eBee X was approved to run Operations Over People (OOP) in Canada.





BVLOS approved

The eBee X has been granted Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations permission in Brazil.








What are the benefits of fixed-wing drones for GIS professionals? 

Reduce field times
Fixed-wing surveying drones are estimated to be 80% quicker than traditional terrestrial methods—saving you time by collecting the data you need quickly and efficiently from a single point. 

Improve site access
A lightweight drone with remote mapping capabilities helps you survey hard-to-reach and even potentially dangerous sites, such as mines, construction zones, landfills, forests and mountainous terrain with greater ease and safety – all without disrupting operations on the ground.  

Deliver high accuracy and quality
Fixed-wing surveying drones can help you gather data with ease while helping you maintain precision across each step of your workflow from the capture and processing to vectorization, quality control and delivery. For example, the eBee X can achieve a high absolute accuracy down to 3 cm / 1.2 in via built-in RTK/PPK – With no ground control points required.  

Expand your capabilities
Maximizing your data collection and spending less time in the field frees you up to take on more projects while knowing you’ll complete them quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before.